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    What's Included?

    Prepares You to Confidently Support

    The SupportingHer online class is an easy way to learn what you need to know, at your own pace, in just over two hours from your computer or phone. You can pass on the boring books and be confidently ready.

    Self Paced 2 Hour Video Class

    + 9 Cheat Sheets

    We don't expect anyone to keep all of this in their head and recall it w while your partner is in labor. That's why the course comes with 9 helpful cheat sheets for the big day and beyond. We can't imagine leaving the course home without these.

    Success Stories

    Maxx F

    I know for me personally as a support person, I feel like I would’ve been next to useless without your teachings. Petra said that I ended up being really helpful to her as we went through it all, and I don’t think she was just trying to make me feel good haha.

    Joe L

    From knowing when it was time to go to hospital, to the time my daughter came out, I was completely prepared thanks to your course. I just wanted to send you a thank you email expressing my gratitude for your course. I will definitely recommend it to any first time father to be.

    Jeff N

    My wife and I are so thankful for the course as I was very prepared for our big day. My wife's pregnancy had it's challenges but I felt supported throughout due to everything I had learned in the SupportingHer classes. Thank you for making it a little easier for dad's to feel more prepared and supportive!

    Takes the Guesswork Out of What You Should Be Doing in Labor

    Straight forward

    answers to all the questions swirling around your head.

    We've seen hundred of childbirths. Some have been magical. Others have been disastrous. One of the consistent trends we've noticed is that preparation makes things go much, much smoother.

    We've got your back, so you've got hers!

    This isn't your typical childbirth class. The SupportingtHer class focuses on your unique role during labor and birth.

    There aren't any do-overs for birth.

    Message From Alice

    Some things are beyond your control, but I believe knowledge is power and a prepared family leads to a better experience all around. With a little focused time and attention, you can learn what you need to know to be confident and ready for the start of labor.

    You Got This!

    Alice Turner, CD(DONA) LCCE {Doula + Childbirth Educator}

    SupportingHer Curriculum

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      Announcements and Live Classes
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      Before Labor
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      She's In Labor
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      Baby is Here: Now What?
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      Handouts to Print or Download
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      Additional Resources
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      Labor Practice -{NEW BONUS TRAINING}
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    Which SupportingHer Plan Works for You

    You Play a

    Vital Role

    From learning she’s expecting to the baby’s arrival, mom carries the motherlode, literally. But dads and partners have a vital role to play on any successful birth team. SupportingHer is an online class that teaches tips, techniques and actionable skills to help you take care of your partner and yourself during labor and birth.