On Demand Lamaze

Birth Preparation Class

If only you could skip to the good part…

You can’t wait to meet your baby, but holy moly.

As soon as word gets out you’re pregnant, everyone starts offering up their crazy birth stories and their long lists of “should dos,” “have tos,” and “I would nevers,” and before you know it, it can feel like you’re planning for Armageddon rather than childbirth. 

You deserve facts—not frenzy.

What our

students are


Follow along in your printed workbook.

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Let’s recap.

Your Birth Toolbox Lamaze course includes:

✔️14 one hour, on demand modules ($200 value)

✔️A full-color 80 page workbook ($20 value)

✔️More than a dozen handy PDFs ($20 value)

✔️Partner specific guidance ($100 value)

✔️Organized tips for after baby arrives ($50 value)

✔️Ability to learn from an expert with 17 years and 300+ births worth of knowledge (priceless)

Total value $390+,

Your Investment Only $199

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