Include or Upsell (you decide)

When you become a Childbirth Education Bundle subscriber you can choose to include the education for free OR you can offer it to your clients as an upsell to your services. The upsell model can help cover your cost for the subscription while still providing a discount to the client.

Go Above and Beyond

Most doulas provide the same basic services: prenatal appointments, time on call and postpartum follow-up meetings. When you include childbirth education with your services you are standing apart from the crowd. Adding this service will really WOW your clients!

Work With Prepared Clients

When your clients are prepared for birth, everything seems to go easier. Having to provide education during labor isn't a good strategy and can be exhausting. With this class bundle you equip your clients with the information that you know will benefit them.

Adding the Childbirth Education Bundle to Your Services

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