If you do a Google search for “Father’s Day Gift Ideas for New Dads” you will certainly get pages and pages of results filled with gadgets. You’ll see everything from a cordless rechargeable trimmer to a racing drone. These are fine for the experienced father. For the expecting dad on Father’s Day, we suggest that you skip the gadgets and consider one of the following ideas.We have picked out a gift perfect for 3 stages of an expecting Dad’s future. There is a gift that will be perfect for the time leading up to birth. A gift that will greatly enhance their birth experience. And finally, a gift for first few days and weeks with baby.

Gift Idea #1 – For the prenatal period – The Love of Food Snack Box Subscription

One of the top items that we suggest packing in your bag for the hospital are snacks. Labor can be long and you likely will have limited availability to get food and possibly no time to spare as well.A fun way to find great healthy snacks for your bag is with the Love of Food Snack Box Subscription. I purchased this subscription for a friend of mine and he loved it. Our referral link gives you 40% off your first box of delicious all-natural snacks. You’ll get to try snacks like sea salt almonds, turkey jerky and caramel pretzels.Make prepping for labor and your time with new baby fun when you receive this surprise box of snacks to your door each month. It’s like a trip to the office break room without having to go to the office!

Gift Idea #2 – For Labor and Birth – The SupportingHer Online Childbirth Class

A concise, high quality online childbirth class created specifically for partners and Dads to be is the ideal Father’s Day gift for an expecting Dad. From before the first positive pregnancy test to the moment of birth, mom carries the motherlode, literally. But dads have a vital role to play on any successful birth team. Dads are expected to be everything from a coach to a comforter. The labor room is usually unfamiliar territory for Dads and they are also dealing with their own rollercoaster of emotions during this important day.

The SupportingHer online course is just 2 hours and can be watched over a period of months or straight through Netflix style. Once purchased, you have complete access to the course and can re-watch videos as desired. SupportingHer is an easy way to learn all you need to know, at your own pace, in less than two hours from your computer or phone. You can pass on the boring books and all-day classes and be confidently ready for the big day.

Get 20% off the course during the month of June using the code FATHERSDAY19

Gift Idea #3 – For First Days and Weeks with New Baby – The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier

A high quality and easy to use baby carrier is an ideal Father’s Day gift for a new Dad. Baby carriers have been used by mothers for centuries to help transport and soothe babies, but Dads can benefit from carriers. I think giving a new Dad the gift of a carrier is almost like giving him the gift of two additional arms.

The Baby K’Tan Baby Carrier is a soft carrier that can be used for newborns and babies up to 35 pounds. Mastering this carrier is easy with a little bit of practice. Once the baby is situated in a carrier, Dad has the freedom to move about and has use of both hands. Instead of being stuck on the couch under a sleepy newborn, he can go for a walk outside and even do light household tasks.This can be a huge help for mom who is still in a state of recovery for weeks.Babywearing is not just helpful, but can be such a wonderful way to soothe and bond with your new baby as well.

Great instructional Videos:

Each of these ideas will have the Dad to be in your life ready for this new role. Skip the drone and purchase a gift that will be special for life with a new baby. Trust us, he wouldn't even remember the gadget after your little one is born.