Childbirth Class for the Other Half

Laughing Gas in Labor

Nitrous oxide is a gas inhaled through a mask that is used to relieve pain and reduce anxiety. It’s also called “laughing gas” and is most commonly used at the dentist’s office. Did you know that it can also be used during labor? Laughing gas is a medicine that works on your whole body but is...


How My Partner Could Have Been Better Prepared for Labor & Delivery

There’s nothing quite like the reality of hitting the third trimester and how REAL your approaching due date is. Of course the reality of birth (and maybe some anxiety and worry) has likely been looming somewhere in your mind, but something about the third trimester moves it to the front. With...


What should I say to my partner in labor?

One of the easiest ways to support your partner during labor, birth and the early days of motherhood is through verbal support. Specifically, a well-timed encouraging phrase can be one of the most powerful initiatives you can make as a teammate and coach. Your supportive phrase just might help...


Hospital Packing List - For Partners!

Anyone out there preparing for the big day of labor? If so, congrats! There is going to be another human being here soon! So many exciting emotions. And….so many things to do. It is possible that right about now your mind is spinning with labor day “to-do” lists. Is the car seat...


Should we take the hospital tour?

Most hospitals and other birth facilities will offer a detailed, free tour to expectant parents to show them the lay of the land and answer any questions that might be brewing. They will show you where you will give birth, where you will go after the birth, and other important information about...